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Lovely Highs

Travel Size Tins


Can't leave home without your candles? Well this perfect 7oz size travel tin is for you. This edition comes in two scents, Elevation and Soul High which is apart of our luxury healing line. Small charged crystal's and fresh flowers have been added to our travel tins. Protect the energy and vibes wherever you go! 


Soul High

Take a deep breath and inhale the fresh airy scent of green tea, lemongrass, rosemary and sage and escape to a special place. This candle is enhanced by notes of citrus, ozone, jasmine, and light musk infused with essential oils. The combination of scents is a very clean yet elegant well-balanced centering fragrance.

*Candle includes Rose Quartz Crystal

Rose Quartz = The Romance Stone for Emotional Healing Peace & Love

Note Profile:
Top: Lemongrass, Orange, Ozone, Lemon, Pine and Eucalyptus
Middle: Green Tea, Jasmine, Rosemary and Green Floral
Base: Light musk, Sage and Cedar


Escape from the commotion of everyday life with a balanced Lavender Driftwood. Lavender Driftwood is a fresh, woodsy fragrance with an intriguing edge with floral and masculine notes such as cypress, cedar, and amber. This fragrance is a versatile fragrance infused with natural essential oils.

*Candle includes Amethyst and Crystal Quartz.

Amethyst = Protection & Peace Stone. A natural tranquilizer. This is clarity stone to help mind flow, relaxation, relieve anxiety and brings one back to balance and center.

Crystal Quartz = Purification and master healing stone.

Note Profile
Top: Marine, Eucalyptus, Honeydew Melon, Green Leaves
Middle: Lavender, Sage
Base: Cedar, Amber, Benzoin, Cypress